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Our online phone bank app helps you set up call scripts within minutes, get volunteers started with minimal (or no) training, and keep track of results in real-time. Plus, your volunteers can climb the ranks for their dedication and hard work.

Do battle with better weapons. Do battle with Phone Brigade.

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Real Time Metrics

Track Results in Real Time

Real time metrics give the campaign manager important and immediate insight into the progress of call campaigns. Are your lists good? Are your volunteers making the calls you asked them to make? Know the answer quickly with our easy to use admin dashboard.

Ranking System

Keep Them Motivated

Phone Brigade gives you the tools you need to keep your volunteers motivated while making calls! (“Gamification”) Callers earn promotions from private all the way to general as they complete the goals that you’ve set out for them. You can use ranks to give incentives offline as well!

Little To No Training

Most phone banking systems are difficult to use for volunteers and take lots of training. Phone Brigade is designed with the goal of little to no training required for volunteers. All the extra time you save means more calls get made!

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